Want to know more about what a creative copywriter, editor and tone of voice expert actually does? 

That’s fair. 

Here’s a small selection of the things I’ve written and created.

Not included here: shopping lists, dream journal excerpts, angst-ridden teenage poems, and projects under NDA.

Don’t see what you’re after? Send me a brief with the details.


A whitepaper.

Travel app start-up Vamoos needed a piece of stand-out content.

Something they could use to draw in new potential clients without giving them the hard sell. And after conducting some research into customer loyalty in their sector, they contacted me to write it all up into a whitepaper.

The research uncovered some really interesting insights, but in order to be effective, they needed to be well structured and presented. I took the findings and condensed them into an informative but entertaining whitepaper, focusing on the myths and realities that tour operators faced, all backed up by the data.


I worked with Ed on our first ever research based report, which we created with the intention of generating brand awareness through press coverage, as an opening hook for brand new prospects, as well as sharing with our customers too. 

Since the launch in September 2019, we have had over 500 report downloads from net new contacts, and 6 pieces of coverage in popular travel trade titles, as well as national titles in business, health and wellbeing. We have also been able to share this report with other members of associations we are a part of, and the insights of the report have meant we have been asked to deliver talks to share the report with the industry.

The feedback from the report has been fantastic. My sales team regularly say that it’s a great tool to open conversations with new prospects, or to re-engage old prospects. It has been integral in helping us position ourselves as thought leaders and experts in the area of customer loyalty within the travel industry. 

It’s a very well-written piece of work that we will continue to share and use over the next year, and is invaluable to helping close deals and start conversations with target potential clients.

Milly Morris, Marketing Manager, Vamoos


A writing movement.

I’m the proud founder of the #Write52 challenge: a project all about weekly writing.

The challenge is based on a simple set of rules: 

Write a piece of personal, original content. Share it online. Repeat. Every week. For a year.

When I came up with it, I thought it was a pretty good idea. And to my surprise, so did a whole load of other people. And they wanted to join in and write their own posts, too.

Suddenly, there was a whole community of writers.

A movement.



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But what happens to all of their posts?

Each week, I collect them up and share them in an email newsletter.

It’s anarchic. Often, it’s irreverent. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s anything but.

But it’s always fun.

The newsletter is essentially a way to share all of the posts to a wider audience. But it’s also a weekly piece of writing that people love to read, share, and get involved with.


A tone of voice session & copy-editing

When Fiona Gray, director of Grayscale Translations, decided it was time to refresh her brand, she knew that she wanted to do something differently.

The copy on her website was effective. But it was attracting the wrong sort of clients, and as such she wasn’t working on the projects she was really passionate about. It was all a bit corporate, a little one-size-fits-all, lacking a bit of personality.

That’s where I came in.

With an in-depth tone of voice questionnaire and a two hour in-person consultation session, we honed in on the key points that her brand needed to hit in order to appeal to the type of client she wanted to target, and the wyas she could show a little more of her self in her business.

Armed with new focus, ideas, and inspiration, Fiona went away and worked on her new copy. And when she was done, I worked through it as an editor, highlighting the areas where she could apply her new brand tone of voice to the greatest effect.

The result? A professional website which attracts Fiona’s dream clients while also reflecting her personality.

Here’s what Fiona had to say:

Ed has been an absolute dream to work with from the word go. He understood exactly what I needed from him right away. Throughout the process, he has been flexible and helpful, even offering me tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

His comprehensive (and fun) tone of voice questionnaire really got me thinking about my brand and how best to go about writing the copy on my website. During the informal one-to-one consultation session in a comfortable setting, I was impressed by the feedback Ed had prepared for me and I loved the unexpected round of quickfire questions that have proved invaluable. 

Shortly after this session, Ed delivered a one-page tone of voice summary that is clear and concise as well as being beautifully written and presented.

I had already put off writing my website copy for over a year before working with Ed and I doubt I would have ever made a start without his prompts, inspiration and wise words!

Fiona Gray, Director, Grayscale Translations


Zine submissions.

You can also find my work in print, as part of the DIY punk zine Creative Rehab.

A feature about the similarities between skateboarding and cryptic crosswords, a short story about pedantry and Lovecraftian horror, modernist art-inspired cartoons about the advertising world, satirical ads, and a big stack of crossword puzzles: I made them all and they’ve all been published.


ISSUE 1: The first edition
My work on pages 20-21

ISSUE 2: The recreation edition
My work in part 2, pages 4-8

Further issues to follow.


I also featured in and co-produced an episode of the Creative Rehab podcast, which you can listen to here.




A blog.

Of course, if you want to read something I’ve written, you could always check out my blog.

You’ll find personal essays about all of the things I find fascinating: writing, music, art, creativity, and plenty else besides.

It’s the closest you’re ever going to come to cutting open my brain and taking a look inside.

I’ve handpicked a couple of pieces for you below. I think you’ll like them.


Examining the politics of climate change through Parquet Courts’ 2019 Record Wide Awake.


Analysing the liner notes of an old jazz record through the eyes of legendary ad-man David Ogilvy.


What’s the big deal about music on vinyl anyway? This is what I talk about when I talk about records.






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